Genetic Advice

Genetic Advice

Genetic advice is a communication process aimed at providing in a way clear, orderly and updated all the genetic information available about the consulted disease. The integration of this information with clinical and family data is essential for the patient, by providing the means for you to make your own decisions, assessing risks, available options and the implications of all possible outcomes. In short, genetic counseling provides sufficient time to adapt, cope and manage a new situation arising from a particular familial risk or a result of a genetic test information.

We know that genetic advice is a necessary process that must serve to any genetic study that is conducted with health purposes: both of manner prior to genetic analysis as well as once results are obtained, and thus is regulated in many countries.

Genetic advice is essential in the following areas:

Genetic advice

  • Reproductive Genetics
  • Preconception genetic advice
  • Noninvasive prenatal screening for the detection of Aneuploidy (NIPT)
  • Screening frequent recessive diseases
  • Assisted Reproduction Techniques
  • Genetics of Rare Diseases
  • Hereditary Cancer Genetics
  • Mental retardation and autism spectrum
  • Genetic susceptibility to common diseases
  • Interpretation of results of genomic tests

Advantages for the patient and family

The main advantages of genetic advice for patients and their families are:

  • To have the information necessary and updated to be valued to make their own decisions
  • Obtain an estimate of personal risk and family
  • To choose the most appropriate diagnostic options to each specific situation available and thereby reducing the number of redundant analysis and thus increasing their effectiveness and yield.
  • Know the clinical utility of a particular genetic analysis and the consequences of any of its results
  • Reduce the use of other unnecessary, redundant, uncomfortable or painful, invasive, intensive tests, etc.

Genetic advice

Advantages for professional

In addition, genetic advice provides significant advantages for professional, mainly by allowing an optimization of time, resources and facilitate that each professional could dedicate their time and effort in their area of expertise. Professionalization and specialization of this process encourages a cost / effectiveness of increasingly independent testing and a higher level of update on the various technologies available valuation.

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