Patents and intellectual property

Patent and Intellectual property

A patent can be defined as “a sum of exclusives rights conferred by a State to the inventor of a new product or technology closed to being commercially exploited for a determinate period of time, in exchange for invention’s broadcasting”.

From SINAE we believe that science is not only knowledge, but it is also a usefulness and a proposal, “from the bench to the bedside”, i.e. from the laboratory to its clinic or industrial implementation. Science should gain a language that allows it get ahead in new worlds, beyond than knowledge frontiers.

Usefulness and profitability. Applied research, public or private, allows performing useful products or knowledge; and we could help to achieve it in an effective and profitable manner.

Invention’s protection. In this world of “informatic pollution”, globalization and the Internet, it is every time more important to protect our ideas and our products; and there are not a better way to do it than patents and intellectual property.

In SINAE we have experience in intellectual property and we advise our customers about the best way to protect their knowledge, their product after working hard.

Opportunity detection. To achieve the success, a patent should come through to the market in the appropriate moment: it is necessary to know when an opportunity exists, when the market is mature and in which States protect the invention. Our customers could be relaxed; from SINAE we work in getting the target, to achieve the business success.