Scientific Advisory

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Benefits from basic, clinic and applied investigation:

  • Generation of knowledge for the resolution of specific clinic problems
  • Scientific publications and oral communications and posters in national and international conferences
  • Generation of patents with possibilities of commercial exploitation
  • Fundraising from public and private funds, both in finance and human resources
  • National and international recognition of the clinic, University or research center through awards and citations
  • Development of scientific products with own brand
  • Collaboration with research centers from the State, Universities and foreign centers to work out of joint projects
  • Scientific growth of the laboratory graduated staff for assisting to conferences and the possibility of the completion of doctoral thesis

SINAE SL is a company of Scientific consulting and R&D. The main functions of SINAE are:

  • To design research projects.
  • To review the company’s progress in research and clinical development.
  • To evaluate new scientific perspectives alongside the company’s management.
  • To provide an objective overview of the progress of the science and technology.
  • To offer experience in a focused area of development that may not be internally available.
  • To recruit consultants to assist the company, if necessary.
  • To act as ambassadors for the company and its technology.
  • To evaluate new technologies or intellectual property.
  • To assist in recruiting key science and technology mangers.
  • To include the companies in preexisting research projects and the scientific advice on proposals and projects that workers put forward.
  • The development of funded research projects
  • The publication of obtained results in scientific journals and different conferences in the field of study.
  • The establishment of partnerships and collaboration agreements with public universities and public and private research centers, if necessary.
  • The protection of the scientific results and the development of patents.