Statistical and methodological advice

Statistical and methodological advice

The data that arise in the area of basic and clinical research, have great potential in generating information that results crucial for the detection, prevention and solution of problems related to health. For this reason, increasingly powerful, precise and sophisticated statistical and methodological techniques are needed in the various disciplines related.

In order to develop the genuine potential of the information generated, SINAE acts as a central pillar in advising and for the proper use: study design, data management, analysis and interpretation of results. As well as a key factor in the synergy of work between different sectors advocating the development of therapeutic and biotechnological solutions.

Thus, SINAE responds to the need to provide high quality and scientifically rigorous in the design, implementation and communication of research projects.

We provide statistical support in creating databases and cohorts, through the following services:

  • Calculation of Sampling sizes.
  • Descriptive analysis (mean / median, standard deviation, calculate of confidence intervals).
  • Resampling techniques (bootstrap, jackknife, permutation) for calculate medians and variances.
  • reate tables and complex graphics (multiple variables, 3D graphics, etc).
  • Generation of bivariate tables.
  • Bivariate analysis (Student t test, chi-square, Mann-Whitney, correlation, etc).
  • Univariate (ANOVA) or multivariante (MANOVA, ANCOVA, etc) analysis of variance.
  • Generalized linear model. Linear regression, logistic or Cox.
  • Mixed Models.
  • Sensitivity and specificity. ROC curves.
  • Survival Analysis. Kaplan-Meier Estimator.
  • Factorial analysis and principal component.
  • «Machine Learning» Techniques (supervised and unsupervised). Predictive models.
  • Design of questionnaires and / or data collection templates.

Statistical and methodological advice SinaeWe provide methodological advice at the beginning research and development activities, in preliminary stages to present proposals (financial entity) and general, throughout the project life cycle stages, through the following services:

  • Study Design: formulation of the research question.
  • Bibliography review.
  • Definition of sections to draft a protocol.
  • Complete revision of the protocol.
  • Review of objectives and hypotheses.
  • Review of methodology. Selection of groups, subjects and main variables.
  • Calculation of recruit minimum sample and write of sampling size.
  • Drafting of data analysis and presentation of results.

In the same way, SINAE serves methodological support and statistical to various companies, public or private organizations, universities, researchers, PhD Thesis, etc. We work regularly of personalized way with various universities and students in scientific topics related to diplomas, masters and doctoral theses, from the initial research approach until presentation and publication of results:

  • Review of articles.
  • Writing of articles: translation (different idioms).
  • Advice on the presentation of results for scientific dissemination (poster and oral communications).

You can choose the following procedures:

METHODOLOGICAL ADVICE: The researcher concerned shall communicate the specific questions about the study you want to perform. We advise on the research design, methodology or analysis techniques, but without making the job that entails. The interested party will be responsible for performing the analysis according to the guidelines given by the methodologist. This type of counseling is indicated for those researchers who already have some familiarity with the method.

Statistical and methodological advice SinaeASSISTED ANALYSIS: all work involving the query raised by the researcher, with the corresponding report will be made. We begin with a meeting with the person concerned to specify the objectives of the study, available data and the type of work that needs to be done. Subsequently, we will draw up a budget based on the number of hours dedicated to the study needs and realization terms. If the budget is accepted, will sign a confidentiality agreement. The technician will perform the complete statistical analysis, which issues the person concerned with the interpretation of them in a final report on a subsequent meeting to delivering results for discussion of these and the resolution any doubts on the part of the researcher.

We greatly value your time and your needs, so we have a very effective working system that reduces delivery times of projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer any question: