Translation of scientific texts

Translation of scientific texts

We know that the translation of scientific articles requires a specialized domain area and experienced knowledge of the sector to ensure high quality in every job.

Therefore, we have a large team of professionals: translators, interpreters, projects managers and reviewers specialized by native translation fields. All highly qualified and experienced in the area to ensure a superior quality

The scientific translations (like all others) consists of two essential parts:

  • Reading and understanding of the original text. This task is only possible if the translator knows the meaning of the many technicalities and understands the complicated reasoning that characterize the scientific text.
  • The drafting of scientific translation. To carry out this second part of the translation, the translator will have to be able to write correctly, know perfectly scientific jargon in the target language and have a great command of the language, for which one must be native or bilingual.

Once translated the text, we proceed to review conducted by scientists native reviewers or translators.

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